Get More Involved with the GEOINT Community

Right now the world is socially distancing to stay safe, but no one is alone in this. And that includes the GEOINT Community.


Right now the world is socially distancing to stay safe, but no one is alone in this. And that includes the GEOINT Community.

Through virtual events, webinars, and opportunities to stay connected digitally, the community has only become stronger and more agile, which includes the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation.

USGIF’s mission is to build the community, advance the tradecraft, and accelerate innovation, so the Foundation is making sure you have the opportunities you need to continue building, advancing, and accelerating.

Find out how you can get more involved and connect with the community via USGIF offerings now.

Become a Member
There are lots of benefits available exclusively to USGIF Individual and Organizational Members. Don’t miss out on access to events, significant discounts, networking opportunities, and much more.

Join a Working Group
USGIF Working Groups address everything from commercial GEOINT to small businesses in the community. And they’re all meeting virtually!

Attend a Virtual Event
From the on-going GEOConnect Series, to the two-day GEOINTegration Summit, there are online training sessions, panels, and discussions that will enhance your knowledge of the tradecraft and give you the opportunity to connect with other GEOINTers.

Read Trajectory Magazine
USGIF’s official publication, Trajectory Magazine, will keep you up to date on the latest happenings in GEOINT and the innovations you want to know about.

Certification Boot Camp
Make sure your GIS and Analysis skills are staying sharp by signing up for the Certified GEOINT Professional- GIS & Analysis Tools (CGP-G™) Boot Camp. Not only is this refresher course a great way to spruce up for the CGP-G™ exam, but you’ll also earn CEUs/PDUs.

There are a number of other ways to stay involved through USGIF. Just because you’re socially distanced doesn’t mean you’re alone. The community has your back. Check back on the USGIF website and contact the Foundation to learn more:

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