USGIF 2024 Sponsorship Guide

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Mission Focus Events

Mar 6
Aug 28

USGIF has a limited number of opportunities for exclusive sponsorship events. These "Mission Focus" sessions are partial-day events, taking place either in morning or in the afternoon. Events may be in person or virtual as circumstances allow and sponsors desire. Sponsors and USGIF will collaborate on the topic for the "Mission Focus" and work collaboratively to develop the agenda and speakers.

Sponsor a Mission Focus Event! Multiple dates and opportunities available.

Premier Sponsor

March 6 Exclusive Sponsor

August 8 Exclusive Sponsor

  • Sponsor and USGIF collaborate on content/speakers
  • Program content will include senior keynote speaker and a panel of experts
  • Ability to play two-minute promotional video during event kick-off
  • Ability to include two demo videos during the program
  • Ability for a sponsor speaker to join USGIF MC for event host/wrap-up discussion
  • Event co-marketed by USGIF and Sponsor
  • Free to participants
  • Sponsor recognized on all marketing materials, registration website, USGIF website, USGIF social media, etc.