Sustaining GEOINT Dominance with AI/ML and High-Performance Compute

July 28 Virtual Event

Renewed focus on great power competition is an opportunity for the GEOINT community to leverage new technologies to outpace U.S. adversaries. The nation and the geospatial intelligence community are at an inflection point, necessitating a revolution in GEOINT capabilities, the IT architectures that support them, and the organizational cultures and practices to transform at the speed needed to maintain GEOINT dominance. During this event, we’ll examine recent successes where government and industry have partnered to rapidly leverage AI/ML, High-Performance Compute (HPC), and innovative development approaches to build and deploy new GEOINT products and services. We’ll also address some of the realities and myths regarding AI/ML and HPC and examine the efficiencies in both time and resources these technologies afford. We hope you join us in this opportunity to expand our appreciation for what the GEOINT community can accomplish the present...for the future.


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9:00-9:05AM  |  Welcome Remarks: Christy Monaco, VP of Programs, USGIF

9:05-9:35AM  | Moderated Q&A: Sustaining GEOINT Dominance, with Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jack Shanahan, USAF, former Director, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, Office of the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer, and Jennifer Nelson, National Security Lead, AWS

Discussion highlighting the importance of speed to delivery and how AI/ML and HPC are being used to help the Defense Department and GEOINT Community maintain dominance over adversaries.

9:35-9:45AM Engagement Break

9:45-10:30AM  | Panel: Successful Implementations of AI/ML to Advance the GEOINT Mission

Panel discussion exploring how different organizations and partnerships have created the prerequisites for success by leveraging AI/ML capabilities. Session will include recent GEOINT initiatives and successes, examining what it has taken to adopt and deliver these efforts.

Moderator: Alison Laporte-Oshiro, AI/ML Programs Manager, AWS National Security  


    • Rachael Martin, Senior Expert for Automation, AI, and Augmentation, NGA
    • Dr. Tim Pavlick, Vice President of Product and Design, HawkEye360
    • Brian Schmanske, Director, Integrated Intelligence Program Office, NRO
    • Dean Souleles, Former Director, U.S. Intelligence Community’s AI Innovation Center and Chief Technology Advisor, Office of the Director of National Intelligence 

10:30AM-10:45AM Engagement Break

10:45-11:30AM Panel: What Can the GEOINT Community Learn from Commercial HPC Application?

Panel discussion examining the realities and myths surrounding HPC. Discussion will include recent examples of commercial and public sector HPC-enabled missions and examine the efficiencies in both time and resources that HPC affords over more traditional approaches.

Moderator: Debra Goldfarb, HPC Products and Strategy, AWS  


    • Dr. Haribabu Arthanari, Assistant Professor, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University
    • Travis Hartman, Director, The Digital Globe and Weather, Maxar Technologies
    • Mike Warren, Chief Technology Officer, Descartes Labs

11:30-11:35AM  | Closing Remarks: Christy Monaco, VP of Programs, USGIF, and Jennifer Nelson, National Security Lead, AWS