USGIF Opens 2024 Scholarship Program to Applications


With a legacy spanning nearly two decades, the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) proudly continues its mission to fuel the next generation of GEOINT leaders with the launch of its annual scholarship program on Monday, January 22.

USGIF provides scholarship funds to students in four categories – high school seniors, undergraduates, master’s degree, and Ph.D. – studying disciplines relevant to GEOINT and the greater geospatial community. Since its establishment in 2006, the program has awarded over $1.7 million in scholarships to nearly 500 degree-seeking students. Students wishing to apply should visit the USGIF Scholarship page for details on the process.

“Supporting education in geospatial intelligence is not just an investment in individuals; it’s an investment in the future of our community and the promotion of thought leadership,” said Ronda Schrenk, USGIF CEO. “At the core of our organization is a commitment to promote the GEOINT pipeline, reinforcing our mission to build the GEOINT community.”

One way the Foundation is building the GEOINT pipeline is by encouraging a diverse array of applicants, representing various backgrounds, interests, and academic accomplishments. In 2023, USGIF and its collaborative partners introduced three new scholarships tailored to first-generation college students and those pursuing education at community colleges, technical schools, or other non-traditional educational pathways.

Past scholarship recipients have noted how USGIF support helped make their academic success possible. Beth Wiberg, the 2020 USGIF Reinventing Geospatial (RGi) Scholarship for Geospatial and Engineering recipient, spoke at the 2023 GEOGala about the impact of the scholarship award on her education and career. “The USGIF Scholarship nudged me in the right direction, connecting me with people who could advise me and mentor me as I sought work in defense GEOINT,” she said.

Wiberg, who is now an employee of RGi, added, “This scholarship has allowed me to network, learn about the span of geospatial, and be involved in meaningful work. I am incredibly grateful for the USGIF Scholarship and the impact it has made on me and my career.”

The USGIF Education and Professional Development team is hosting two information sessions for prospective scholarship program applicants on February 15 and April 22. Interested attendees are encouraged to fill out this survey to receive updates about the virtual sessions.

Awardees will be chosen based on their academic and civic achievements as well as their personal and professional goals. More information regarding application materials and selection process is available on the USGIF Scholarship page. Applications will close on May 31, and winners will be announced in late July 2024.

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