Advancing the Interoperability of Geospatial-Intelligence Tradecraft with 3D Modeling, Simulation, and Game Engines

Technology trends that are influencing the convergence of GEOINT and the Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming tradecraft


USGIF and OGC are co-publishing this paper to identify gaps that can be filled through training and education to bridge the divide between communities of practice and spur the evolution of open standards and increased interoperability between geospatial analysis and modeling and simulation solutions for generating 3D synthetic environments.


Stuart Blundell, Presagis USA, MS&G WG Co-chair
Barry Tilton, Maxar, MS&G WG Co-chair
Chris Andrews, Esri
COL [R] Steven Fleming, Ph.D., University of Southern California
Sebastien Loze, Unreal Engine at Epic Games
Lance Marrou, Leidos
Kyle McCullough, Institute for Creative
Technologies, University of Southern California
Ron Moore, Maxar
Jimmy Shiflett, Leidos
Scott Simmons, OGC