U.S. Army

August 11

USGIF continues its 2021 series of programs focused on the GEOINT equities of U.S. military forces with a day of virtual programming dedicated to the U.S. Army. This day of keynotes and panel discussions is sure to inform participants from around the force about how GEOINT matters to them. It also affords the opportunity for participants from Army programs to share insights with GEOINT partners who are working to ensure the nation’s soldiers can deploy, fight, and win our nation’s wars by providing ready, prompt, and sustained land dominance. The day includes discussions of how GEOINT enables ground operations and also delivers a look into the acquisition programs for the Army that include GEOINT equities. The day will be capped off with a look into the promise and disruption represented by technological innovation in ground training, combat, and peacekeeping domains.




9:00-9:15AM  |  Welcome: Ronda Schrenk, CEO, USGIF

9:15-10:00AM  | Opening Keynote: MG Charlie Cleveland, USA, Associate Director of Operations, NGA

10:00-10:30AM  | Engagement Break

10:30-11:15AM  | Panel: GEOINT Support to U.S. Army Operations

An expert panel of GEOINT leaders will discuss how the operational elements of the U.S. Army leverage GEOINT. Topics will include Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT), GEOINT capabilities that may not be widely recognized as such (such as GPS), and how these enable ground operations. The panel will also delve into the unique qualities of geospatial intelligence that separate it from geospatial information.

Moderator: Jordan Reilly, Technical Sales Engineer, Federal, Spire Global


      • Gary Blohm, Director, Army Geospatial Center
      • LTC Joseph Sawruk, USA, Deputy Army Service Lead, NGA
      • Sam Unger, Senior Director, U.S. Government Accounts, BlackSky

11:15-11:45AM  | Engagement Break

11:45-12:30PM  | Panel: Army Programs Enabled by GEOINT

This panel of Army leaders will focus on U.S. Army programs that rely upon GEOINT for mission effectiveness. The panel will discuss what are the “GEOINT hard problems” the U.S. Army is looking to solve, and how the IC, industry, and academia partners from the GEOINT community can help.

Moderator: LTG Mary Legere, USA (Ret), Managing Director, Accenture Federal Services   


      • COL Toby Magsig, USA, Commander, U.S. Army Joint Modernization Command
      • Alex Miller, Science and Technology Advisor, U.S. Army G2
      • CW4 Augustus Wright, USA, Senior Geospatial Engineering Technician, US Army GEOINT Battalion

12:30-1:30PM  Lunch & Engagement Break

1:30-2:15PM  | Moderated Discussion: Ed Mornston, G2, Army Futures Command and Robert Cardillo, USGIF Board Chair

2:15-2:45PM  | Engagement Break

2:45-3:30PM  | Panel: Disruptive Tech for U.S. Army GEOINT Innovation

This panel will explore what kinds of innovative or disruptive technologies are on the horizon to advance U.S. Army capabilities such as Computer Vision, Automated Target Recognition, and Blockchain. What are the potential mission applications of these technologies—such as fusion of GEOINT with other intelligence disciplines—and the attendant data integration challenges? How is the U.S. Army exploring such technologies, either through government R&D or leveraging commercial advances in novel ways? What might the hindrances to adoption of these technologies be, and how can the U.S. Army overcome these hindrances?

Moderator: Ken Campbell, Director, National Security Engagements and Strategic Growth, Maxar Technologies


      • MG Gary Johnston, USA (ret.), former Commander, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
      • COL Elizabeth Sweet, USAR, Defense Engagement Lead, Defense Innovation Unit
      • LTC Kelly Ryan, USA, Operations Analysis Division Chief, Center for Army Analysis
      • CW3 Jeremiah Savage, USA, GEOINT Officer in Charge, 82nd Airborne Division

3:30-3:45PM  | Closing Remarks, Christy Monaco, VP of Programs, USGIF

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