Committees & Working Groups

USGIF is governed by five committees with the Strategic Committee setting the direction of the other four. Members make up and direct these committees, with the exception of the Strategic Committee, which is led by the USGIF CEO and comprises only Strategic Member Partner representatives. These Committees make decisions regarding all USGIF events, as well as the Scholarship Program, Geospatial Certificate Program and Awards Program.

In addition to these committees, USGIF also has several working groups made up of members for various needs and interests across the community.


Academic Committee
Outreach Committee
Planning Committee
Strategic Committee
Technical Committee
Tradecraft and Professional Development Committee

Working Groups

Activity-Based Intelligence Working Group
Africa Working Group
Commercial Electro Optical Imagery Working Group
Commercial SAR Satellite Working Group
Geospatial and Remote Sensing Law Working Group
Modeling & Simulation Working Group
NRO ASP Industry Advisory Working Group
Small Business Advisory Working Group
Small Satellite Working Group
Young Professionals Working Group

Task Forces

Innovation Task Force


Committee & Working Group Co-Chair Volunteer Resources