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GEOINT 2024 Event Policies

Anti-Harassment Policy

USGIF is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. USGIF seeks to provide an environment in which diverse attendees may learn, network, and enjoy the company of colleagues in a professional atmosphere. USGIF does not tolerate harassment in any form. If you feel that you have been harassed by any person(s), immediately go to the registration desk and ask to speak to Mariam Ghaussy. Violators may be expelled from the event at the discretion of USGIF.

Badges & Attendance

GEOINT badges are non-transferable. Badges must be worn and visible at ALL Symposium-related activities. One-Day Exhibit Only Pass holders may upgrade to a Full Symposium Pass to attend all Symposium sessions by paying the rate difference on the date of change. By registering for the Symposium you agree that badge swapping or badge sharing is not permitted. Violations of this badge policy may result in cancellation of the registration without refund and dismissal from the event.

Cellular Phones

As a courtesy to all speakers and your fellow attendees, please place all mobile devices in silent mode during Symposium sessions. In addition, all calls must be answered outside of the meeting rooms.

Dress Code

USGIF suggests business casual attire for all GEOINT events. Military officers and enlisted personnel are encouraged to wear their duty uniforms. Casual attire is recommended for the Welcome Celebration.

Photography Policy

Photography without permission from booth personnel or USGIF staff is prohibited in the exhibit hall. Please be aware that USGIF has designated representatives to photograph and capture video throughout the GEOINT Symposium. As a participant, your likeness and/or voice may be utilized by USGIF for future promotional purposes. Unless we receive a written request from you to not use your likeness or voice, we will assume that your presence is consent.

Solicitation Policy

Solicitation of any kind is prohibited at the GEOINT Symposium. By registering to attend, you acknowledge this policy and agree that you will not advertise, represent, or distribute literature for products or services to our exhibitors, attendees, or staff without the express written approval of USGIF. Any attendee that violates this policy will forfeit their registration credentials.