Nicole Mathern

Aeronautical and Geospatial Analyst

Nicole Mathern is an aeronautical and geospatial analyst at Leidos. Her office is in the city of St. Louis, at the heart of the community. There, Leidos houses one of its Technology Innovation Centers.

Her passion is to bridge the gap in STEM education in inequitable communities through partnership and collaboration, develop future talent pools, and solve national problems. Driven by passion, she established a nonprofit, K-Career Inc, which is a STEAM education initiative, small business collaborator, and support for local community entities.

Nicole’s passion for community can be traced back to her time in service. She excelled in multiple senior leader positions. Holding top leadership positions, she led her platoon’s graduations in Advance Individual Training and the NCO Primary Leadership Development Course where she received The Distinguished Leadership Award. She continued to display leadership characteristics by spending significant time implementing a program called Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers as the post secretary at Fort Rucker, Al.

At Leidos, Nicole has received one of Leidos’ highest awards, the Achievement Award twice. The first Achievement award was in the category Leadership Excellence. The second was Excellence in Sustainability, Inclusion, Diversity, and Wellness. Driven by mission and purpose, Nicole is working to contribute to the mission of making the world a safer place through STEM education and community collaboration. As a community leader, she focuses on support and creative collaborations that lead to new innovative processes.

Nicole is gaining unparalleled experience as a corporate community leader, while also establishing herself as a respected civic leader with her K-Career program. This program has a core of presence, projects, and parents. Currently, Nicole personally liaisons to three inequitable elementary schools that feed into several middle schools and high schools. She also collaborates with some of the best high schools in the state of Missouri to bring opportunity and exposure to advanced programs in inequitable communities.

Nicole is setting a new standard for how we journey our kids’ education to career. By creating pathways from kindergarten to career, Nicole is charting pathways in GIS STEM career fields from elementary, to college, and on to the workforce. In collaboration with education nonprofits and local universities, Nicole is actively building new programs to bridge the gaps and create STEM career pathways that serve the St. Louis community. These programs have a focus on Geographic Information Systems for the St. Louis Geospatial Industry, but not limited to.

Nicole believes the Leidos corporate values of integrity, inclusion, agility, collaboration, commitment, and which reflects her work.

Nicole believes it’s important to understand who you are and where you fit on the team. She has the introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging advocate (INFJ-A) personality type. In teams, she’s a collaborative-creative.

Outside corporate work, Nicole enjoys reading books, audiobooks, continuing personal education, art, and word games.

Last updated on: June 30, 2022